Prospr and Cadel

Hello guys its my first post >< hehe
I just joined this community
hope this community grows bigger!

well I really love Prosper...
but Im really depressed now that the genius war is the last book of the series
man !!!!

umm I dont know if this is right way to post the fanart?
I never used this site so...well can you tell me how to do it properly?
this photo is much bigger so youd better keep click the image.

well have a nice day haha
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Headaches are dumb.

Really >.o I don't like them. But animations tend to get tiring, yes?
Anyways, i'm working on an Evil Genius animation, mostly for fun. it won't be that long of one, but i've got some storyboard sketches laid out.
Genius squad car scene, presumably. This is just a storyboard sketch, i swear the animation will look better XD

Cadel with big scary eyes, just 'cause. His innocent look.
Very bad sketch of a genius wars Prosper (possible spoiler?). No, his hair doesnt end up in a bunch of angles and weirdness, the windis blowing in the scene. And it mentions that his hair gets longer and stringier. so..longer and stringier it is!

Also, when are we doing the writing/drawing them thing? Are we still trying to find themes?
typing on this keyboard is hard :I

I'm ba~ack!

Ah, so, I completely forgot to post things. How long has it been? A year? Around that, I think. I'm sorry. D; I've been caught up in school, my love life, and a growing obsession with carving soap. So, to make up for my long absence, I've got some fanart right here. I'm linking to deviantart because then I don't want to upload it elsewhere. >.>

Evil Genius Guys

Saul and Fiona

Hopefully a year of practice will make my art a little more enjoyable. Also, I'm sorry for any name/appearance mistakes. Not only am I brain-dead when it comes to written descriptions, but I currently don't have any since I leant out my books (which is what made me remember that I need to post something here). Anyway, yeah. Good to be back. ;D


Um, hi?

Kay, so I feel like I don't do anything... Bad mod! Sorry Merdie! D: Bad mod is bad! I've just been a little distracted with school --- I'm a university freshman and don't get much free time. But I was thinking, what do you guys think about doing a drabble thing here? We could have one of those cool fanfic theme tables and just all write along with a new themse every few weeks. Ex. If the theme is, say, winter, we can do a drabble about...the Genius Squad kids playing in the snow (or whatever else comes to mind) and if someone prefers art, there definitely wouldn't be any objections to a Cadel snow-angel pic (or whatever your genius minds come up with). What do you think? Good, bad, should I be shot? Tell me your thoughts. ^^

Happy holidays!

My break begins tomorrow. : ) Yay!

Anyways, i just may not be on for a while..we'll be traveling. i'm still looking forward to the read along. Well, here's a silly little Cadel chibi thing i did at home, which is why i took a picture D: Because it wasn't on this computer.

Happy holidays everyone! Long live evil genius?? XD
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The Genius Wars (Spoilers)

Your Thoughts on
The Genius Wars

Hello there everyone! The Genius Wars just came out in Australia and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I know it isn't due to be released in America until next year, but I was wondering if anyone else has managed read it yet?
I don't know many others in Australia who read it and I'd love to get a bit of a discussion going, especially in regard to people's opinion on the ending.

matt- blue hair

umm...*pokes head in*

Oh haiiiii guize...bad mod is bad. :(

I've been taking a summer course and just finished about a week ago (I got a B!) :) How has everyone been doing? Does anyone still check here? Please don't give up on us, I was very happy to see some more fan art/icons made. Keep it coming! Also fics are always welcome and I hope we can have a read along or something soon.

Sooooo is anyone out there? Bueller? Bueller?

EG Icons!

They're 100x100, they're flashy and moving, and they're crappily made! That's right lady's and gentlemen, I give you EG icons! They're, er, of the same old jokes I always do. D; But, uhm, guh, moving. God, I'm sorry. I'll make ones that aren't ridiculous and unrelated to the story later. Also, Cadel's icon moves too fast.

Gazo Puppet