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The first Evil Genius book community on LJ

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umm...*pokes head in*
matt- blue hair
merdie801 wrote in axis_institute
Oh haiiiii guize...bad mod is bad. :(

I've been taking a summer course and just finished about a week ago (I got a B!) :) How has everyone been doing? Does anyone still check here? Please don't give up on us, I was very happy to see some more fan art/icons made. Keep it coming! Also fics are always welcome and I hope we can have a read along or something soon.

Sooooo is anyone out there? Bueller? Bueller?

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awww don't lurk! feel free to post anything that comes to mind.

(Deleted comment)
awww yay! hopefully there will be more of more soon, lol.

I'm still around and about. I have nothing better to do, anyway. I'm working on a fanfiction, and I'll be making some better icons.

I'm here, too. I've been busy since I just started college, but, since I can't seem to stop writing, I'll probably post lots of fanfiction...

Look, Stabified, I used your icon! :D

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