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The first Evil Genius book community on LJ

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The Genius Wars (Spoilers)
Den Mom
zuki_chan wrote in axis_institute

Your Thoughts on
The Genius Wars

Hello there everyone! The Genius Wars just came out in Australia and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I know it isn't due to be released in America until next year, but I was wondering if anyone else has managed read it yet?
I don't know many others in Australia who read it and I'd love to get a bit of a discussion going, especially in regard to people's opinion on the ending.

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Ooh, it's out already in Australia? Awesome! I'm in the US so I can't contribute to any discussion, unfortunately. From your reaction, I assume it was good?

Yes, clearly US publishers need a long time to do the difficult task of changing the cover and all that publisher jazz.
It is certainly quite good! Pehaps a little more slowly paced than previous books, but the pace matches the themes present, and it's still a great read.

I can't wait to read it! But I'm in the U.S., too, unfortunately. -_-

I'm curious about the ending. Spoilers please?

I read it :> Ordered it all the way from Australia to do so.

The ending...oi..man. Great story overall, but jesus.

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