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The first Evil Genius book community on LJ

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Um, hi?
angel_gospel wrote in axis_institute
Kay, so I feel like I don't do anything... Bad mod! Sorry Merdie! D: Bad mod is bad! I've just been a little distracted with school --- I'm a university freshman and don't get much free time. But I was thinking, what do you guys think about doing a drabble thing here? We could have one of those cool fanfic theme tables and just all write along with a new themse every few weeks. Ex. If the theme is, say, winter, we can do a drabble about...the Genius Squad kids playing in the snow (or whatever else comes to mind) and if someone prefers art, there definitely wouldn't be any objections to a Cadel snow-angel pic (or whatever your genius minds come up with). What do you think? Good, bad, should I be shot? Tell me your thoughts. ^^

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(Deleted comment)
Awesome! We'll just wait for the group consensus, then, for the final decision. :D

I love the idea too! It sounds really fun 8D

I like the idea! Anything that prompts more fan-stuff like drabbles and art on this series sounds great to me! :D Count me in!

Great! Then maybe I can borrow swipe one of the fanfic/art theme tables from somewhere and we can start. ^^ Or should we have our own themes? I like either idea, and we can all make suggestions. Maybe we can even list our members and go in a circle, with whoever comes up suggesting new themes...Hmm, we'll just finalize everything. xD

I think a pre-made theme table is the best idea, along with taking suggestions. : >

but that's my opinion xD

That's probably best. After all, those theme tables usually have writer's choices, so we can add in whatever's most fun. ^^

that would be fun! i'm a lousy writer but even i might try... >.>

it'll be fun to read them though!

It doesn't have to be just writing. Anything at all that's inspiring, I guess, like art, poetry, animation making, etc. But, yeah, it'll be fun to read/see them all. ^^

I'd be in on it. Premade themes seems easier, though. And quicker? I don't know. I'll do whatever. I'm not picky. ;3

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