Stabbie Stab Staberton (stabified) wrote in axis_institute,
Stabbie Stab Staberton

I'm ba~ack!

Ah, so, I completely forgot to post things. How long has it been? A year? Around that, I think. I'm sorry. D; I've been caught up in school, my love life, and a growing obsession with carving soap. So, to make up for my long absence, I've got some fanart right here. I'm linking to deviantart because then I don't want to upload it elsewhere. >.>

Evil Genius Guys

Saul and Fiona

Hopefully a year of practice will make my art a little more enjoyable. Also, I'm sorry for any name/appearance mistakes. Not only am I brain-dead when it comes to written descriptions, but I currently don't have any since I leant out my books (which is what made me remember that I need to post something here). Anyway, yeah. Good to be back. ;D

Tags: evil genius, fanart, genius squad
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