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The first Evil Genius book community on LJ

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Headaches are dumb.
deliriummentia wrote in axis_institute
Really >.o I don't like them. But animations tend to get tiring, yes?
Anyways, i'm working on an Evil Genius animation, mostly for fun. it won't be that long of one, but i've got some storyboard sketches laid out.

Genius squad car scene, presumably. This is just a storyboard sketch, i swear the animation will look better XD

Cadel with big scary eyes, just 'cause. His innocent look. http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j250/Lizardsgirl/cadel-1.jpg

Very bad sketch of a genius wars Prosper (possible spoiler?). No, his hair doesnt end up in a bunch of angles and weirdness, the windis blowing in the scene. And it mentions that his hair gets longer and stringier. so..longer and stringier it is!

Also, when are we doing the writing/drawing them thing? Are we still trying to find themes?
typing on this keyboard is hard :I

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I seriously love you artist guys. ^^ Cute art is FTW! I'm loving Cadel's big eyes and Prosper's scary expression. >:D The table we're probably going to use is the one from the fanfic100 community. But if you guys find cool theme tables in any other comms, or even if anyone wants to make one (I'm too lazy...), then that's cool, too. But the one for fanfic100 is pretty nice, too. ^^

It does look pretty nice O: lots of ideas to work with!

Yep! The more ideas the better. :D

I have never written a fanfic so I will probably count myself out of any stuff that the community does but I suppose I could always read them if they catch my interest :)

You can just read whatever catches your interest. But you can do anything else you're inspired to, too, like art, poetry, whatever. ^^ Either way, hopefully it livens the community up. :D

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