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The first Evil Genius book community on LJ

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Prospr and Cadel
backhug14 wrote in axis_institute

Hello guys its my first post >< hehe
I just joined this community
hope this community grows bigger!

well I really love Prosper...
but Im really depressed now that the genius war is the last book of the series
man !!!!

umm I dont know if this is right way to post the fanart?
I never used this site so...well can you tell me how to do it properly?
this photo is much bigger so youd better keep click the image.

well have a nice day haha

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Ooh, I love it. xDD Poor Cadel; he just can't get away, can he? This is fine --- posting, I mean. You can also just post the link, if you want, but as I said, this is okay. :)

I'm sad GW is the last book, too. :/ And Prosper's just awesome!

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