It Puts The Art In The Basket {More art added!}

Ah, movie reference happened. Sorry. Can't go ten minutes with out one. I'll die.

Anyway, yes. I made art for everyone. You can see how I interpret the characters of EG. Note the following: I am horrible at character descriptions. And there for, often go with my instinct of how the characters look. I'm so, so, so (etc.) sorry in advance for any horrible malformations of the faces of our beloved cast. Oh, guard you cornea, my handwriting is really bad.

{Fixed the link. Goes straight to picture now.}
It Clicks The Links To The Pictures!
Hey, there's more!

The following characters are involved:

Cadel (As a girl, as well)
Abraham (Even if he is dead and car-less)
Gazo (As a hand puppet)
and, finally, Devin (That's, like, his name, right? He sorta never came up, and I don't know where my book is...)

Oh! Also! I have a cousin who makes custom hand puppets as a hobby. I may be able to get her to make me a Gazo puppet. Stellar, right?

Kay. Bye.
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Yay our first affiliate!

I'd like to take this time to introduce our first affiliate, pagansfandom. They are a community dedicated to the Pagan series that is also written by Catherine Jinks. If you have read the books and are looking for a fandom, check them out! :)

And to all the members that have joined us from there, welcome!
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(no subject)


Since we know have our first non-mod member, I consider this community is officially on a roll! (Haha, I'm a loser) Please take the time to fill out this short survey of sorts. This will be a sort of "application" to the community, just so we can get to know a little about you.

1. Name:

2. Age:

3. State/Country (if you don't mind sharing):

4. Favorite book of the series (so far):

5. Favorite character:

6. What kinds of things would you like to see from this community? (icon contests, fan art/fics, read alongs, etc...):

7. Anything else we should know?

So yeah...that's about all I've got for now. Forgive me, I just got off work and I'm pretty much brain dead.
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First (mod?) post!

Hello and welcome to the first live journal group specifically for the Evil Genius series! I noticed a complete lack of a fandom for it on here, and hope to do something to change it. This community will probably see very slow growth, but please keep checking back for new discussion and hopefully some news regarding Genius Wars.

This is a kind of lame first post, but I'll probably post something along the lines of a community application. Not that we plan on being selective about members, but just to get a feel for who you are and your views of the series.